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Pseudocerastes Persicus—a.k.a, the Horned Viper. Stealthy, agile, and extremely lethal, even before their enhancement at the hands of research scientists in the vulnerable laboratories secreted away at a classified seaside location.

Dr. Vera Collins (Jessica Steen, Armageddon), of Globe-Tech Pharmaceuticals, supports the adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” She knows the value in viper venom toward fighting disease. Sure, the genetically enhanced snakes can move faster, reproduce in a matter of minutes, are more ravenous, and secrete a more lethal poison, but the result is an unprecedented medical leap forward. Then, while on a fundraising engagement, she’s alerted by Globe-Tech’s CEO (Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Corbin Bernsen, Psych) to a terrifying and unanticipated reality: a break-in at the isolated research facility has freed the vipers. Already there have been casualties. They weren’t just bitten. The vipers immobilized their victims, and then devoured their flesh.

Arriving to remote and idyllic Eden Island, is ex-military medic Cal Taylor (Jonathan Scarfe, Into the West), poised to take the position as doctor in what he thinks will be a relatively quiet practice. But as the man-eating vipers find their way to Eden and overtake the island, he’s forced to hole up in a small hotel with the unflappable Nicky Swift (Tara Reid, American Pie), and other locals barricaded against the slithering mass. But instead of the Coast Guard, it’s Dr. Collins who arrives to help with word that Homeland Security is on their way. But where’s the Coast Guard, why is Homeland Security involved, is anyone really coming, and will they make it in time? One thing is certain, these Vipers smell meat and can’t be held back much longer. Now Eden’s lone survivors are left with one alternative: make it to shore alive, and fast.

Ophidiophobes beware. With dripping jaws sprung wide, Vipers is here.

  • Tara Reid
  • Jonathan Scarfe
  • Genevieve Buechner
  • Aaron Pearl
  • Claire Rankin
  • Stephen Miller
  • Jessica Steen
  • Corbin Bernsen