The Lost Empire

The Lost Empire
The Lost Empire
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RHI Entertainment’s commitment to “making classics new again” is fulfilled in spectacular fashion with THE LOST EMPIRE, a two-night primetime big-event television presentation that blends a timeless adventure story, unforgettable characters, and an array of dazzling martial arts effects.

THE LOST EMPIRE is based on the beloved 16th century classic of Chinese literature, "Journey to the West," by Cheng-En Wu. It’s been updated and modernized — all the while preserving the original’s scope, magic and uplifting message.

Complete with a dashing hero, Nick Orton, THE LOST EMPIRE is a classic “quest” tale — in this case Nick’s quest to find and rescue a famous Chinese manuscript — JOURNEY TO THE WEST — from a group of demons who’ve kept it and Wu prisoner in a mythical underground world. Nick, 35, is a China-scholar-turned-business-consultant whose world-weary cynicism belies a true poet’s heart inside. While on an archeological dig of secret Chinese tombs, Nick’s epic adventure begins by a “chance” meeting with Kwan Ying, a beautiful goddess sent by the Terracotta Warriors (who recognize Nick as the “Scholar from Above”) to recruit him for the heroic task of rescuing the manuscript within 3 days — or face the world’s end.

Though initially rebuffing the challenge, Nick wonders if he isn’t supposed to accept the mission when the earth begins to shiver and shake. He then descends into the tombs where he frees the powerful Monkey King, a god who has been trapped for 500 years. Here begins an endearing mentor-student relationship as Monkey King teaches Nick the skills of the noble warrior. In return, Monkey King learns something about the human heart. Together with Monkey King’s sidekicks Pigsy, a pig that walks like a human, and Friar Sand, a dour behemoth, they battle against Shu the Censor, enemy of the manuscript, and his army of demons.

For Nick, however, the battles are both internal and external. Not only must he defeat Shu and rescue JOURNRY TO THE WEST, he must also convince Wu, it’s disheartened author that his work still matters. And when Nick falls in love with Kwan Ying, he must choose between stripping her of her powers...or letting her go.

Along the way, viewers thrill to world-class martial arts effects by Cinesite, creators of effects for ANIMAL FARM and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 as Nick and Monkey King’s mission takes them back up into modern day China for final showdown.

In THE LOST EMPIRE Nick Orton learns the way of the noble warrior, the true meaning of strength and the power of love. It all makes for a rare television event that will touch everyone who sees it.

  • Thomas Gibson
  • Russell Wong
  • Bai Ling
  • Eddie Marsan
  • Kabir Bedi
  • Hon Ping Tang
  • Picasso Tan
  • Ric Young
  • Kwong Loke
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