The Christmas Box

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THE CHRISTMAS BOX is a poignant, heartwarming story that holds timeless truths about love, family, and the gift of sharing.To the dismay of his loving and supportive wife, Keri (Annette O’Toole), Richard Evans (Richard Thomas) is preoccupied with his making his small business succeed.They live with their six-year-old daughter Jenna in a cramped apartment. When Keri reads about a caretaker position in a grand old home in the “Avenues,” she persuades Richard to accompany her on the interview. Richard is immediately at odds with Mary Parkin (Maureen O’Hara), the imperious elderly owner of the house, but to Richard and Keri’s surprise, Mary hires them.Troubled by dreams of angels and a sense that Mary and her home hold a secret, Richard has a contentious relationship with Mary. Keri and Jenna, however, develop a loving friendship with the older woman. Mary recognizes how much Jenna misses her father, who spends most of his time at work.Mary and Richard are fated, finally, to forge a bond of affection. Richard learns a surprising secret from Mary’s past that awakens him to the true meaning of Christmas. And Mary gains a peace from knowing that at last Richard knows how to give the greatest gift of all--a father’s unstinting love.

  • Richard Thomas
  • Maureen O'Hara
  • Annette O'Toole
  • Kelsey Mulrooney
  • Greg Brower
  • Nicole Forester
  • Lily Nicksay