Secrets In The Walls

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Single mom Rachel Easton’s cramped Detroit apartment is past its expiration date. With two growing daughters, seventeen-year-old Lizzie and eleven-year-old Molly, the Easton’s are desperately seeking a roomier, but affordable solution. Rachel is starting a new job and it’s time to find a new home. On the way home from her new job, Rachel finds a deal too good to be true – a classic Tudor home in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale. A quiet neighborhood. A reasonable price. Sure, it isn’t perfect, and the place could use its share of repairs. While reworking the basement as a new bedroom for Lizzie, Rachel makes an unnerving observation about the basement’s layout: why on earth would someone have sealed off a heavy metal grate behind rotting wallboards? Regardless of some reservations, Rachel and her daughters are settling in. New home. New school. New beginning. And new discoveries – like the music box hidden in Lizzie’s room that plays by itself; the frightening apparition Molly sees of a girl covered in blood; and Lizzie’s inexplicable night-terrors. Then Rachel hears the distant cries from behind the walls of a girl screaming…Let me out! When Rachel delves into the history of the house in Ferndale, she discovers it’s violent past and the mysterious disappearance of one of its occupants – a young woman named Greta. As Rachel and her daughters begin to experience darker, unexplained events in the house, Rachel begins to fear for the sanity – if not the life – of her daughters and herself. But it may already be too late. For whatever lives behind the walls is tormenting its new residents, and doesn’t want them to leave… Sparked with a terrifying new twist on the classic ghost story, Secrets in the Walls is a chilling new experience in fear.

  • Jeri Ryan
  • Kay Panabaker
  • Peyton Roi List
  • Ian Kahn
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste
  • Jordan Trovillion
  • Lauren Mae Shafer
  • Sarab Kamoo