Sea Beast

Sea Beast

Sea Beast
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During a storm at sea, a fisherman is tossed overboard by a massive wave and taken down into the turbulent waters, or so it appears. But it wasn’t a wave that pulled him under. It was something else.

In the wake of the storm, Captain Will McKenna (Emmy Nominee Corin Nemec, Ghost Whisperer) and the rest of the crew arrive back to their sleepy town of Cedar Bay, Oregon, defeated. Not only have they lost a great man, but they’re returning to a once-booming fishing village, rapidly being exhausted of its resources, suffering a major economic downturn. It’s also a concern of Arden Jaymes (Camille Sullivan, The L Word), a marine biologist brought in to help identify the cause of the sudden and strange depletion of fish. However, this is about to be the least of their problems. Unbeknownst to anyone, the same hideous amphibian creature wrenched up from the depths of the sea has followed Will’s boat back to shore. And it’s come to Cedar Bay…to feed.

As Will and Arden attempt to find answers to the town’s fishing dilemma, they find the mutilated body of a local dock hand. Everyone believes it was simply an animal attack, but Will senses that it’s something more horrific. His suspicions are confirmed when he witnesses the creature at a local hillside, ripping townspeople to shreds. And the creature is not working alone. To make matters worse, a massive storm is hurling toward Cedar Bay, cutting off all outside help and contact. As time runs out, as Mother Nature unleashes her fury, a mythical battle is waged between man and beast. Only Will and Arden can stop it before the creatures devour all of Cedar Bay. And beyond.

The creature feature makes a bloody terrific comeback in Sea Beast, a flesh-ripping thriller that’ll tear the screams right out of your throat.

  • Corin Nemec
  • Camille Sullivan
  • Miriam McDonald
  • Daniel James Wisler
  • Gary Hudson
  • Gwynyth Walsh
  • Brent Stait
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