Sabrina The Teenage Witch

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She’s young, pretty, athletic and just turning sweet sixteen. Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) is a newcomer to the small town of Riverdale and just wants to fit in. Sabrina’s parents have gone on a year’s sabbatical and left their teenage daughter in the charge of her aunts, Hilda (Sherry Miller) and Zelda (Charlene Fernetz). Sabrina readily accepts her somewhat eccentric aunts and their mysterious black cat, Salem, but is finding it tough to feel like she belongs, especially at school, where the “in-crowd” clique doesn’t want to bother with her. Matters aren’t helped by the odd things that seem increasingly to be happening around her. What Sabrina doesn’t know is that her parents are witches, her aunts Zelda and Hilda have magical powers, and that very soon, on her upcoming sixteenth birthday, she will inherit her mystical birthright and the knowledge of how to use it. Once over the initial shock, Sabrina embraces her newly found knowledge. After some early difficulties she learns to fly, and to cast difficult magic spells. It’s magic that helps Sabrina become a track star, date the man of her dreams, school hunk Seth (Ryan Reynolds), ace all her tests and knock Seth’s old girlfriend, the scheming Katy (Lalainia Lindbjerg), off her prom queen perch. The problem is, Sabrina may suddenly be the most desirable girl in school, but in the process she has alienated her one true friend, Marnie (Michelle Beudoin), and overlooked the boy who really loves her, Harvey (Tobias Mehler). Added to this, her teacher, Mr. Dingle (Jim Swanburg), is starting to have his suspicions about this new girl in town. The night of the school dance should be the most exciting of her life, but for Sabrina the experience is tainted by her growing concern over how she is using her magic powers. Her aunts, too, are worried that Sabrina isn’t cut out to be the right kind of witch. Sabrina finds herself having to choose between easy success, and earning her popularity with the people who really count. When Seth turns out to have feet of clay, Sabrina finds out who her true friends are, and that’smagic!

  • Melissa Joan Hart
  • Charlene Fernetz
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Sherry Miller
  • Tobias Mehler
  • Michelle Beaudoin
  • Lalainia Lindbjerg