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Good friends. Good music. All the time in the world. It’s a road trip they’ll remember forever. If they make it back home alive… Kate Colby’s packed and ready to go—maybe not to law school just yet, but rather on a road trip with her brother, Joel, and their best friends from high school. One last fling before everybody moves on. Psyched to leave Chicago behind for a while, the gung-ho gang of seven heads west in a decked-out RV courtesy of Ryan’s father. Along the back roads and scenic routes,they’re seeing the real America. But then during a stopover outside of Sioux Falls, a heated run-in with gypsies at a roadside fair takes a violent turn.The gypsy commune isn’t happy. The warning that Kate and her friends will “all suffer dearly” follows them deep into the night.Vengeance was promised, and it arrives swooping out of the clouds. Legend calls it the Simuroc, a gigantic bird of prey with a stabbing beak, talons like Ginsu knives and an insatiable hunger for flesh. When one of the unhappy campers is shredded where she sits, the rest knows it’s not just a legend and that the dreaded curse of vengeance is as real as the fog that has stranded them. Desperate, lost, and afraid, Kate knows the last hope of survival for her and her friends is in the isolated old house they’ve come upon in the woods. One by one they realize it is not a sanctuary. And what the people who live there want is as terrifying as the primal screech of the Simuroc.From midnight till dawn, the body count rises in Roadkill, a nerve-shredding thriller that turns a detour into a one-way ride into hell.

  • Diarmuid Noyes
  • Kacey Barnfield
  • Colin Maher
  • Oliver James
  • Eliza Bennett
  • Stephen Rea