In The Spider's Web

In The Spider's Web

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They’re the stuff of legend, nightmares, fascination, and myth. But in hidden jungles across the globe, spiders are something else. They’re worshipped. They’re controlled. They’re waiting to be fed.

A team of backpackers has descended into the far reaches of India for adventure and exploration—and deep in its jungles is a verdant maze veiled in silken webs. Gina (Emma Catherwood, The Vice), John (Cian Barry, Man and Boy), Brian (Mike Rogers, The Twilight Zone), Phil (Michael Smiley, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer), and Stacey (Lisa Livingstone, Sea of Souls) don’t foresee any real peril until Geraldine (Jane Perry, Millennium), another member of the team, is bitten by a spider. Showing signs of allergic reaction, she’s carried to the local village of Karni Mata, where Dr. Lecorpus (Golden Globe nominee Lance Henriksen, Aliens), an American physician, is living. It’s not the haven they were expecting. The natives of Karni Mata worship the lethal arachnid as an eight-legged God in a bizarre village temple. About as inviting as a spider’s giant fanged maw, the unique structure is unlike anything the young visitors have ever seen, and its mysteries prove irresistible to curious adventure-seekers like Brian and Stacey.

Meanwhile, Gina, John, and Phil have reached the nearest town to seek help for Geraldine on their own. Sergeant Chadri (Sohrab Ardeshir, The Rising) lends a sympathetic ear, but when he heads for Karni Mata and doesn’t return, Gina and John head for the primitive village themselves to find out what’s going on. But Karni Mata is deserted. The only sounds of life are the distant rhythms of jungle drums—and screams emanating from the webbed darkness of the Karni Mata temple. Rescuing their friends means following the drums into a paralyzing, terrifying web. But on this venomous night of sacrifice, human flesh is not only a feast for a crawling army of spiders. Dr. Lecorpus’s ultimate plan for his victims is beyond anything any of them imagined—and it becomes a battle of man-against-man and man-against-nature that few will survive.

With its dense jungles, marauding natives, mad scientists, screaming teens, and amassing arachnids, In the Spider’s Web is a gleefully entertaining creep-fest that’s as tough to shake loose as a tarantula in your hair.

  • Lance Henriksen
  • Emma Catherwood
  • Lisa Livingstone
  • Cian Barry
  • Sohrab Ardeshir