Evil Nanny

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2 hr
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Anxious to get back to work, young mother Fay Tripp and her husband Tim, hire a perfectly accommodating live-in nanny named Jen. When Jen’s attitude suddenly turns, and she starts neglecting her duties, the Tripps take action. But after being fired, Jen refuses to leave. Only then do Fay and Tim realize that she’s established residency in their home, that the law is on her side, and that eviction is going to take months. The stranger is here to stay, and her end game for the Tripps is a nightmare come true. However, Fay is just as devious, even more cunning, and willing to go as far as it takes to save her home. Jen has met her match. Now the real games begin.

  • Lindsay Elston
  • Nicole Sterling
  • Matthew Pohlkamp