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Two hundred students and one teacher who vows to make a difference. What comes between them is revenge—point blank and fully loaded.

Gloria Abraham (Golden Globe nominee Penelope Ann Miller, Carlito’s Way) is a newer teacher at Garner Washington High School in the inner city of Los Angeles. Not one to stand idly by and watch as her students grow more and more distanced and jaded, she’s determined to bring change to the school and motivate them to recognize their potential for learning. She’s just as fearless as they are—but with one big difference. Gloria’s still affected by the violence that her students accept as a way of life. This time, it’s the violent death of sixteen-year-old Dwayne Evert, a troubled boy shot down in cold blood by a gang member and local drug kingpin in a deal gone bad. The police already believe they know who the shooter is — Oscar Reyes (Lobo Sebastian, CSI: Miami), a suspect in six other killings, but no witness is willing to come forward.

While not witnessing the actual murder, Gloria did see from a distance Oscar and his henchmen Leo and Christian threatening the murdered boy. Fearing for her life, she chooses not to contact the police. Her boyfriend and fellow teacher, Daniel Rodriguez (Yancey Arias, Live Free or Die Hard), initially surprised by her decision, eventually comes to see it as for the best. Unlike Gloria, Daniel’s grown up in the same kind of neighborhood and school environment and knows just what revenge someone like Reyes can exact against her. When Oscar does confront and attack Gloria in an attempt to intimidate her and keep her quiet, she realizes she must go to the police with what she knows. Refusing to back down to Oscar and his thugs, Gloria turns down the offer of a leave of absence from her teaching position. Among her more mundane duties at the school is to oversee an upcoming Saturday detention session, which includes an interesting cross-section of students being punished for a variety of basically non-violent infractions. Despite having a school guard, a metal detection system, police patrolling the area and Daniel insisting that he cover the detention session with her, Gloria and the others find themselves having to barricade themselves inside the school’s library as Oscar and his men infiltrate the school building. Armed, dangerous and looking for revenge against Gloria, Oscar is fully prepared to unload his fury. For Gloria, Daniel and the students – unarmed and with all means of communication with the outside world shut down and no clear route of escape – the standoff begins.

Timely, urgent, and explosive, Detention is a thriller that takes no prisoners.

  • Penelope Ann Miller
  • Yancey Arias
  • Lobo Sebastian
  • Christian Monzon
  • Alex Solowitz
  • Bridget Ann White
  • Carlos Sanz