Das Boot

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8 x 1 hr
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The eight-episode series is a sequel to Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s novel of the same name “Das Boot” and on the international blockbuster film from 1981. The story starts in autumn 1942, as U-boat warfare becomes increasingly brutal. While a very young crew put out to sea on a dangerous combat patrol, the Résistance rises in the U-boat port of La Rochelle. The plot is enriched with the warfare of the Allies on land and at sea. Buchheim’s key issue - blind fanaticism pushing young men into a pointless war - will be the overall focus, which, unfortunately, in these times of terrorism hasn’t lost any of its relevance. 

  • Lizzy Caplan
  • August Wittgenstein
  • Rainer Bock
  • Robert Stadlober
  • Rick Okon
  • Vicki Krieps
  • Jonathan Zaccaï
  • Leonard Scheicher
  • Stefan Konarske