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Step right up folks and see snapping maneaters up close. A death-defying show that’ll thrill the kiddies! On your way out, check the souvenir shop—but watch your back. On the outskirts of a beach resort in Thailand is Jack’s Croc Farm, featuring its star attraction Delilah. It’s a good a way to make a living for American expat, Jack McQuade (Peter Tuinstra, Sniper 3) and his visiting sister, Allison (Elizabeth Healy). If only he could make a living. With twice as many creditors as customers, he’s facing times tougher than Delilah’s hide. But his real headache is his competition. Andy Kongsong’s Croc World is not only bigger and slicker, but Kongsong (Tawon Saetang) will do anything to ruin Jack and take his property—including hiring a few crocnappers to snatch Delilah and set Jack up for a fall. In no time at all, locals go missing, and body parts are bobbing in the swamps. If word gets out that a maneating croc is on the loose, it could really, really kill the tourist trade. While Kongsong yowls to the press blaming Jack, Evelyn (Sherry Phungprasert), a representative from the Animal Welfare Department, shows up with her own agenda. A five-thousand-dollar reward for Delilah’s capture is drawing every croc hunter within earshot, but none greater than Croc Hawkins (Michael Madsen, Reservoir Dogs). Up to his knees in bad publicity, Jack and his team of friends and family know they have to find Delilah on their own. As luck would have it, she’s very likely hiding out in the most dangerous and fetid swampland in Thailand. As body parts pile up, and as jungle screams are cut off as fast as a jaw can snap shut, the hunt is on. But what it yields are surprises—and terrors—that no one counted on. An adventure to sink your teeth into,Croc thrills, digging deep into the heart of humanity, and deeper still into the dark, wet maw of death.

  • Michael Madsen
  • Peter Tuinstra
  • Sherry Phungprasert
  • Elizabeth Healey
  • Tawon Sawtang