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The greatest breakthrough in global defense research becomes the greatest weapon known to man—and the irreversible catalyst in bringing about Armageddon.   The Military Advanced Defense Agency’s Dr. Jane Brandt (Maxim Roy, ReGenesis) has unveiled the world’s most advanced global security system: a space-based interceptor that can harness the unlimited power of the sun and, if necessary, release an A-class solar flare against any threat, from rogue missile to asteroid. This High Frequency Disruptor Program is quickly celebrated as the future of global defense, until an unanticipated accident triggers an unimaginable consequence.  A solar flare that bombards our planet with electromagnetic impulses, and with it comes a wave of disaster.  Earthquakes rock the ground, cities are incinerated, power grids and navigation systems fail on massive levels.  But the greatest threat yet is a squall of fiery sleet hurtling toward Earth guaranteed to end all human life on the planet. Civilian scientist Michael Mitchell (Emmy nominee Mathew Modine, The Dark Knight Rises), now laboring out of his ad-hoc lab in Boston, knows the danger in messing with the sun’s power. It’s the reason he destroyed the original HFDP years ago—and Jane knows he’s the only man who can help. But they’re up against insurmountable odds.  The huge mass of seething solar plasma heading towards Earth is four times larger than the planet itself.  In only a matter of hours, the atmosphere will be ignited. Even if Michael can reverse the oncoming threat, the after-effects are something even he couldn’t have predicted. As chaos reigns across the globe, as government officials relinquish all hope, the countdown to the end of the world begins. The final word of warning comes to terrifying fruition in CAT. 8, a new Event Miniseries from Sonar Entertainment.

  • Matthew Modine
  • Maxim Roy
  • Ted Whittall