Blood Monkey

Blood Monkey

Blood Monkey
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What begins as an historic revelation about animal instinct becomes an experiment in human nature when the wilds of Africa turn positively vicious.

Six American grad students—Dani (Freishia Bomanbehram, Pyaar Vyaar and All That), Amy (Amy Manson, Pumpkinhead 4), Greg (Matt Reeves, Footballers Wive$), Sydney, Josh (Sebastian Armesto, Marie Antoinette), and Seth (Matt Ryan, Layer Cake)—have arrived in Africa to study apes with the renowned Professor Hamilton (Oscar and Golden Globe winner F. Murray Abraham, Thir13en Ghosts), only to discover Hamilton’s true plan. He wants to investigate rumors of a remote tribe of killer chimpanzees, which may be the missing links. If this can be documented and proven, it’ll make history. After setting up camp in a jungle clearing, and becoming witness to the carnage inflicted by the strange and remote species, the students want out—and fast, regardless of Hamilton’s cryptic promises of scientific immortality. But Hamilton isn’t about to be swayed. The brilliant and adventurous students are far too valuable to him.

It’s up to the kids to formulate their own plan of escape if they want to survive. When the remains of Sydney are discovered hanging from a tree as a warning, the remaining students know their time is running out. Venturing out on their own, they escape from Dr. Hamilton and inadvertently delve deeper into the violent unknown. As the yelping chimps close in, and as one by one, the screams of the vulnerable students fill the jungle night, the remaining survivors realize that they’re pawns in a terrifying game with nature.

The fear factor is raised to life-and-death stakes in Blood Monkey, a thriller that makes The Blair Witch Project look like, well, just a walk in the woods.

  • F. Murray Abraham
  • Matt Ryan
  • Amy Manson
  • Freishia Bomanbehram
  • Matt Reeves
  • Sebastian Armesto
  • Laura Aikman
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