Black Widow

Black Widow

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She’s everything a man could want, but everything a man should fear.

Olivia (Elizabeth Berkley, The First Wives Club) is young, beautiful, brilliant, and effortlessly charming. She’s also responsible for establishing free clinics across the country for indigent women. She has it all—including the marriage proposal of handsome millionaire Danny Keegan (Randall Batinkoff, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), who’s blindly fallen head over heels in love. But not everyone is wild about Olivia. Danny’s college friend, Melanie Dempsey (Alicia Coppola, National Treasure: Book of Secrets), a news photographer for the L.A. Tribune, thinks the selfless philanthropist is too good to be true. Maybe it is jealousy. Maybe it is Melanie’s unresolved feelings for Danny. Then again, maybe it’s Olivia’s past.

With the help of her assistant, Finn (Adriana DeMeo, Without a Trace), Melanie uncovers the dirt on Danny’s bride-to-be, including a phony Ph.D., an act of embezzlement, and a lover on the side. Then she discovers Olivia’s numerous identities, the multiple marriages that have left her a very rich serial widow, and the suspicious deaths of each unlucky man who fell for her. The only person taking Melanie’s accusations seriously is Olivia herself. She knows that they’re true. She’ll do anything to protect herself. Now, for both women, the stakes are life and death. What unfolds between them is a cunning match of wills in which the roles of predator and prey shift with each and every terrifying new twist.

The body heat—and body count—rises in Black Widow, a sizzling thriller of animal attraction, survival instinct, murder, and revenge.

  • Elizabeth Berkley
  • Alicia Coppola
  • Adriana DeMeo
  • Jeremy Howard
  • Brady Smith
  • Randall Batinkoff
  • Barbara Niven
  • George Wyner