Sonar Entertainment has partnered with Like A Photon Creative to produce a new preschool mixed media series, Bear & Salmon. Creators Nadine Bates and Kristen Souvlis will produce the 104 X 3’ series in their Brisbane studio, with Sonar handling international distribution and formatting rights. The project was recently featured at the 2017 Asian Animation Summit.

Bear & Salmon is an endearing animated series that answers life’s big questions from the perspective of young children. It revolves around the unlikely friendship between a bear and salmon fish who take us on a journey through their imagination as they travel upstream, pondering and discussing life’s mysteries large and small from humorous opposing perspectives.

The content is entirely created by two children who are telling their very own stories through a series of question and answer discussion sessions. The animation is then designed to fit that material and form the structure of each episode in a unique way. It is a delightfully unpredictable series, where the children’s imaginations take the lead, and the show delivers a whimsical, magical world that will charm children and parents alike. The series also includes a versioning kit with groundbreaking technology that allows the content to be adapted in different languages and completely customized for any region.

Bear & Salmon is a truly remarkable and groundbreaking series both conceptually and technologically,” said Andrea Gorfolova, President, Kids, Family & Factual, Sonar Entertainment. “Not only have Nadine and Kristen allowed the content to be ingeniously and entirely created by children, capturing authentic answers to life’s biggest questions, the versioning system they’ve created for the series can track any story in any language and automatically animate it in real time. This allows us at Sonar to provide distributors with a truly universal series, one that can feel completely authentic to any territory in the world.”

“After working with children for the past five years, we’ve experienced the incredible imaginations and magical storytelling ability they possess; coming up with ideas and stories that no adult writer ever could” said Nadine Bates, Creative Director of Like A Photon Creative. “For the first time ever, we wanted to create a show that tapped into that. A show where children can tell their own stories in their own words, to other children. About the world. About their feelings. Engaging their imaginations in a way that is unique for kids programming.”

The themes of Bear & Salmon range from very focused and personal discussions about friendship, family and expressing their feelings to broader questions about the universe, nature, society and conservation. Contemplating questions like “Why do we have time? And “What does love mean?” empowers kid viewers to express their own inspirations. Through the eyes of children, Bear & Salmon explores these complex concepts in a fresh and unique way and make them accessible to young viewers, encouraging them to speak up and use their own voices.