The Full Spectrum: Justine Lupe relishes bringing a beloved Stephen King character to life.

Actors live to play truly complex characters.

So, when Justine Lupe auditioned for the character of Holly Gibney, a central character in Stephen King's Bill Hodges trilogy, which starts with Mr. Mercedes, for which the series is named, she realized that she was being given a unique opportunity.

Holly Gibney is a young woman with a number of character traits that would make her both difficult and exhilarating to play. Holly has neuroses on top of neuroses, including being OCD, having agoraphobia, and being on the Autism spectrum, albeit, extremely high-functioning.

Al Pacino, Nazi hunter: First Hunters teaser reveals The Irishman star in new Amazon series

Killing Nazis isn’t murder. As Al Pacino‘s Meyer Offerman says in the first-look teaser for Hunters, “This is mitzvah.”

Amazon unveiled the Irishman and Godfather actor in a brief, 20-second video for the forthcoming drama series that’s part period piece, part Inglourious Basterds, part street crime-fighting, part something else entirely.


Former CEO Tom Lesinski to Remain as Board Director

Leadership Team Includes Scott Packman, Matt Loze, Chan Park and Andrea Gorfolova

Leading independent studio Sonar Entertainment announced today that David Ellender, President of Global Distribution and Co-Productions, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer as Tom Lesinski moves to active Director of Sonar’s Board of Directors.